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Tis the season for FRAUD! Keep in mind, we'll never contact you to verify your online banking credentials or ask for your social security number or debit card number.

If you're hesitant about a call, hang up and call us back.

Cheyenne Wells Branch Image

Cheyenne Wells Branch



We've opened our 1st branch, conveniently located off Highway 385 in Cheyenne Wells, CO!

This has enabled us to respond effectively to the growing needs of our customers and provide our products and exceptional service to the community of Cheyenne Wells. This new full-service banking facility has Safe Deposit Box Rentals, a drive-up lane, coin counting machine, on-site ATM, as well as, a comfortable welcoming lobby – complete with a coffee/drink bar.

We're excited to expand our services to the Cheyenne Wells area and we're happy to serve you in both locations in the years to come.


Below are pictures of our construction.

empty lot for new building

excavator picking up torn down building


skid steer working moving dirt

heavy equipment moving dirt

mud hole with heavy equipment in the background

The Bank of Burlington sign in front of build site

basement/foundation form

Basement Walls with dirt floor

foundation formed

Basement Formed with floor poured

heavy equipment next to the formed basement

Walls being framed in

Walls framed in from another angle

one wall framed up

Floor joists

Trusses installed on framed in walls

heavy equipment next to the framed building


Building with roof installed

view of entry way into building

view of installed window from outside

overhang with light cans in soffit

Interior walls being framed

Interior view of corner windows

Interior expanded view of windows

HVAC equipment packaged outside bank building

Exterior wall stone being installed

Exterior stone wall being installed

Exterior stone wall being installed

flooring installed

Interior office doors

Exterior stone wall finished

interior main area with flooring installed

Interior view of corner windows

Interior view of built counter

Interior view of cabinets

Interior view of work area

exterior view of finished building

tools on interior counter tops

finished kitchen area

finished banking counter

finished view of main lobby

wide angle of finished lobby





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